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Confucious Hostel Introduction

Confucious International Hostel Confucious Hostel is a completely preserved chinese traditional rectangular courtyard with great value. It is located in the alleyway protection zone in beijing city.Here you will savour traditional culture of ancient Beijing even extensive chinese histroy.Lama temple is only 2 minutes’walk from here..and 3 minutes walk to the directorate of the Imperial Academy,the highest educational ministration in feudal China.Tiananmen Square ,embassy area ,Sanlitun bar street just in close range.We strongly recommend you imagine live here and experience the fairyland of man’s world no matter if it is in the daytime or evening.We will absolttely make you satisfied with our service.Everybody would remain a favourable impression and would never forget it!
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Confucious International Hostel
38 WuDaoYing
Dongcheng District
Beijing, China
Tel: +86-10-64022082
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